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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Things that make you web project under stress – Redspark Technologies

Before starting any thing you have to be prepared for each and every activity that is to be carried out. Lets take example of building a monument. One has to think so many things before building. Same way, before getting your website done one has to see the potential hindrances and come out of it. Have a look over the generic millstone.

1. Action before plan:

Any task before proper planning or organizing leads to failure. Don’t loose your sense and get excited, for starting a new project as soon as you sign it. Get organize according to proposal program and stick to it else you will miss the due date.

According to plan of action determine your goals for the website. Which process is executed is it according to plan of action? How would you measure the success level? Is the task working properly do you require any change in plan? One has to think for all these question and is something not working then this will harm your project.

2. More head leads to confusion:

There should be one point of contact for executing any project. More the number of people the longer the time to execute. As all people will give their opinion and unnecessary the project time will be stretched. Suggestions should be listened but the final decision has to be one. Too many booth spoil the food the same thing can happen practically also.

3. Misconception on customers:

Before starting any business, one has to know his targeted audience. Question will arise in your mind as what is the connection for designing a website and your customers? Website layout and contents gets messed because of lack of proper planning. Same is thing with web design and development without proper content and testing you cannot launch a website.

Everything has to be organized. Same thing is with the website content also content should be for website visitors or audience. This thing has to be kept in mind as the conversion ratio depends on the website content also.

4. Be ahead in communication:

One should be proactive in communication or discussion for any confusion. Inform your senior or manager for any query or doubt. Call immediate meeting and get the solution don’t wait for next meeting.

5. Eternal factors:

Delay in launch date. Many a times the common issue arises is non relevant web content. Instant solution is needed other wise the website will never launch.
In today's world no one likes static websites, it frequently changes. Make your site live, get the feedback and make the changes accordingly.

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