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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Proven Techniques for lead generation – Redspark Technologies (Part - III)

Content Promotion
Publishing content is not last task, marketing of content is as important as content creation. Though you have created unique, informative and convincing content but think what if the content has not reached to your targeted audience. Content marketing can be carried out with Search Engine Optimization, Social media marketing and emailmarketing service.

Search Engine Optimization
While browsing you might have got question as how the websites ranks in Google on 1st page. Any website can rank on top by Search Engine Optimization. It increases traffic, requires research, unique content and good domain.

25. Keyword Research
Perfect Keyword Research is key point for generating leads. Write web-page content, blogs, articles, press release and other contents with best possible keywords embedded in it. While marketing your content, web crawlers will find keyword reach quality content linked with respective keywords. Before writing content select best keyword phrases depending on the search counts, keywords competition and relevancy.

26. Guest Blogging
Guest blogging is method of writing and submitting your quality content on third party relevant blogs and websites. This will generate inbound links to your website also your content will be marketed many ways. This will help visitors of website, it will enrich the visitors with information and your content and website will become more viral.

27. Search-savvy PR
Press Release or Public relations also give more visibility and linking options. Take advantage of PR links & media attention by seeking authoritative links to respective landing web page or blog posts.

28. Some other Marketing Activity
If you are conducting events, advertising, sponsorships all these can create linking possibilities.
All these activities are different from search optimization, but it is giving more weight age to your website. And helps in potential search results.

Social Media
Social media marketing helps in making your content viral. Social media helps in spreading information in faction of minutes. Social media is means where you can promote content, images & videos.

29. Research
Browse for people on popular social media sites. Connect with them and build relation ship. Do research and push you content.

30. Delivery / Pitch
Delivery of content for PR and Guest Blogging work parallel with social media. Build good relation with your network. Push your content with politeness and with a sensation to viewers of the content piece.

31. Social Sharing
Share your content on those social networks where you find potential viewers. This helps in gaining traffic and leads to potential lead. Share you content as many time you can. The more time you share your content the more visibility you will get.

32. Conversation
Not only social sharing works make it natural by communicating with members. Stay connected by social network use it as communicating means. Start communication with social networks to emails, then phone and face to face.

Email Marketing
Email marketing is best and swiftest way to get connected to your potential customers. List of visitors who have subscribed to your website leads to potential customers.

33. Design and Production
Email template design needs to be simple, not too much heavy, should be accessible through mobile and can easily managed. Use short and impressive title user should be tempted to open email after reading subject line.

34. Timing & Frequency

When to send email to you prospective customer is key thing. Research when your audience mostly opens email and plan accordingly. Decide the frequency & number of time you send emails this is most important. Depending on your sales cycle send email accordingly. Basic thumb rule focus on quality, not quantity.

35. Testing
Test you email templates in different browsers. Email marketing can be easily tracked.

36. Send
Hire best email marketing service providers. You can get reports easily and get how your email campaign is running.

Analyze how effective your campaign is going on Analytics is a decision support tool. Use it to do real analysis, blog optimization, and check the results of experiments. For lead generation focus on two important things total number of traffic and conversion ratio.

37. Visitors and Overall Traffic Levels
Visitors flow describes how the visitors are landing your website. Do they really like to be on website? Are they going to other pages of website? Is your web content effective and attracting to visitors? Are your visitors moving back after landing your web page? All these things matter a lot for generating and increasing leads if any of these factors are not creating good impression then you must think for it and resolve ASAP.

38. Traffic Means
Traffic means or sources, from where visitors are coming to your website. Which means of marketing is more effective? How do user have found the website with which keyword, browser, social network channel etc are bringing more attention to your website?

39. Content Performance
How effective is our content? Do your visitors can access you page from search engine? On which page user likes to stay? Which page or topic is getting more attraction? Which pages are getting more success in generating traffic and leads?

40. Conversions
Finally the total number of final leads generated. The equation for total conversion is total traffic number rate equals to qualified leads. Apart from final business leads from website. Leads also include from other collateral’s like email or newsletter subscription, job applicants. Followers or liker on social media are also conversions.

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