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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Proven Techniques for lead generation – Redspark Technologies (Part - II)

Web Content
At the time of website designing, the website content are made ready. As soon as the sitemap is finalized all the contents needs to be finalized else the process will be delayed.

14. Plan of action 
The website content must be properly arranged in chronological order as what ever queries or concerns are can be solved by reading. Line up content in such a manner that user can easily understand it and stick to the topic.

15. Communicate
What ever content you are writing, one thing should be kept in mind you are writing for user, be polite, use convincing method of writing. If a user is satisfied with your content then search engines will obviously give you higher ratings. Focus more on formatting as well as inter linking. Along with text content use images as well videos to build authority.

16. Modify
Website content should be straight and up-to mark, delay in content launch is not good. It should be easily and swiftly changeable.

17. Content Entry
All final content is added to the content management system, including images, videos, meta data, and page titles. All formatting, including headers, bullets, and links, are checked one last time.

18. Set up
Before getting live, don't give a single chance to any issue that results into delay. If all apparatus that is web contents, design and programming are ready its time to go live.

Creating Content

Website content should have stiff flow of helpful content. Content lacking useful information is like garbage or dead content piece. Adding useful content makes user happy and gets the what he is browsing for. Adding sharing option on social media helps to make it viral and helps in generating leads for business.

19. Content Marketing
Content marketing is key thing for getting good number of business leads. Content marketing program widely depends on available resources. It should consist interesting topics, speech and relevancy to meet the needs of the audience.

20. Explore
Before writing an article you should do thorough research as what are your audience requirements. Assume yourself a user or internet user if you have any question or finding something most probably you will search with “how to” blah blah blah. Like wise select the topic before some research and create a valuable content. Depicting statistics and original content are most visited content piece as it shows up-to mark, real data and precise material this is what user want.

21. Create
Create good text content posts, make podcasts', create a video or infographic which ever is best for your audience. Getting these outlets on web will grab attention on your audience.

22. Curate
Select subject from available online resources. Add your own words, inputs and your own ideas and beautify your content. Add interviews, event synopsis and article summary that makes your content of high priority.

23. Edit
Before publishing any content you should initiate one more process of proof reading. During the process you will find some editing work, some typos or grammatical mistakes ignoring this will lead to increase in bounce rate of users, question your credibility and this will think you are bluffing.

24. Issue
Make you post live with targeted keywords phrases. For image and videos add alt attribute tags for search engine visibility which helps to show respective image and video with possible keyword.

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