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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Proven Techniques for lead generation – Redspark Technologies (Part - III)

Content Promotion
Publishing content is not last task, marketing of content is as important as content creation. Though you have created unique, informative and convincing content but think what if the content has not reached to your targeted audience. Content marketing can be carried out with Search Engine Optimization, Social media marketing and emailmarketing service.

Search Engine Optimization
While browsing you might have got question as how the websites ranks in Google on 1st page. Any website can rank on top by Search Engine Optimization. It increases traffic, requires research, unique content and good domain.

25. Keyword Research
Perfect Keyword Research is key point for generating leads. Write web-page content, blogs, articles, press release and other contents with best possible keywords embedded in it. While marketing your content, web crawlers will find keyword reach quality content linked with respective keywords. Before writing content select best keyword phrases depending on the search counts, keywords competition and relevancy.

26. Guest Blogging
Guest blogging is method of writing and submitting your quality content on third party relevant blogs and websites. This will generate inbound links to your website also your content will be marketed many ways. This will help visitors of website, it will enrich the visitors with information and your content and website will become more viral.

27. Search-savvy PR
Press Release or Public relations also give more visibility and linking options. Take advantage of PR links & media attention by seeking authoritative links to respective landing web page or blog posts.

28. Some other Marketing Activity
If you are conducting events, advertising, sponsorships all these can create linking possibilities.
All these activities are different from search optimization, but it is giving more weight age to your website. And helps in potential search results.

Social Media
Social media marketing helps in making your content viral. Social media helps in spreading information in faction of minutes. Social media is means where you can promote content, images & videos.

29. Research
Browse for people on popular social media sites. Connect with them and build relation ship. Do research and push you content.

30. Delivery / Pitch
Delivery of content for PR and Guest Blogging work parallel with social media. Build good relation with your network. Push your content with politeness and with a sensation to viewers of the content piece.

31. Social Sharing
Share your content on those social networks where you find potential viewers. This helps in gaining traffic and leads to potential lead. Share you content as many time you can. The more time you share your content the more visibility you will get.

32. Conversation
Not only social sharing works make it natural by communicating with members. Stay connected by social network use it as communicating means. Start communication with social networks to emails, then phone and face to face.

Email Marketing
Email marketing is best and swiftest way to get connected to your potential customers. List of visitors who have subscribed to your website leads to potential customers.

33. Design and Production
Email template design needs to be simple, not too much heavy, should be accessible through mobile and can easily managed. Use short and impressive title user should be tempted to open email after reading subject line.

34. Timing & Frequency

When to send email to you prospective customer is key thing. Research when your audience mostly opens email and plan accordingly. Decide the frequency & number of time you send emails this is most important. Depending on your sales cycle send email accordingly. Basic thumb rule focus on quality, not quantity.

35. Testing
Test you email templates in different browsers. Email marketing can be easily tracked.

36. Send
Hire best email marketing service providers. You can get reports easily and get how your email campaign is running.

Analyze how effective your campaign is going on Analytics is a decision support tool. Use it to do real analysis, blog optimization, and check the results of experiments. For lead generation focus on two important things total number of traffic and conversion ratio.

37. Visitors and Overall Traffic Levels
Visitors flow describes how the visitors are landing your website. Do they really like to be on website? Are they going to other pages of website? Is your web content effective and attracting to visitors? Are your visitors moving back after landing your web page? All these things matter a lot for generating and increasing leads if any of these factors are not creating good impression then you must think for it and resolve ASAP.

38. Traffic Means
Traffic means or sources, from where visitors are coming to your website. Which means of marketing is more effective? How do user have found the website with which keyword, browser, social network channel etc are bringing more attention to your website?

39. Content Performance
How effective is our content? Do your visitors can access you page from search engine? On which page user likes to stay? Which page or topic is getting more attraction? Which pages are getting more success in generating traffic and leads?

40. Conversions
Finally the total number of final leads generated. The equation for total conversion is total traffic number rate equals to qualified leads. Apart from final business leads from website. Leads also include from other collateral’s like email or newsletter subscription, job applicants. Followers or liker on social media are also conversions.

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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Proven Techniques for lead generation – Redspark Technologies (Part - II)

Web Content
At the time of website designing, the website content are made ready. As soon as the sitemap is finalized all the contents needs to be finalized else the process will be delayed.

14. Plan of action 
The website content must be properly arranged in chronological order as what ever queries or concerns are can be solved by reading. Line up content in such a manner that user can easily understand it and stick to the topic.

15. Communicate
What ever content you are writing, one thing should be kept in mind you are writing for user, be polite, use convincing method of writing. If a user is satisfied with your content then search engines will obviously give you higher ratings. Focus more on formatting as well as inter linking. Along with text content use images as well videos to build authority.

16. Modify
Website content should be straight and up-to mark, delay in content launch is not good. It should be easily and swiftly changeable.

17. Content Entry
All final content is added to the content management system, including images, videos, meta data, and page titles. All formatting, including headers, bullets, and links, are checked one last time.

18. Set up
Before getting live, don't give a single chance to any issue that results into delay. If all apparatus that is web contents, design and programming are ready its time to go live.

Creating Content

Website content should have stiff flow of helpful content. Content lacking useful information is like garbage or dead content piece. Adding useful content makes user happy and gets the what he is browsing for. Adding sharing option on social media helps to make it viral and helps in generating leads for business.

19. Content Marketing
Content marketing is key thing for getting good number of business leads. Content marketing program widely depends on available resources. It should consist interesting topics, speech and relevancy to meet the needs of the audience.

20. Explore
Before writing an article you should do thorough research as what are your audience requirements. Assume yourself a user or internet user if you have any question or finding something most probably you will search with “how to” blah blah blah. Like wise select the topic before some research and create a valuable content. Depicting statistics and original content are most visited content piece as it shows up-to mark, real data and precise material this is what user want.

21. Create
Create good text content posts, make podcasts', create a video or infographic which ever is best for your audience. Getting these outlets on web will grab attention on your audience.

22. Curate
Select subject from available online resources. Add your own words, inputs and your own ideas and beautify your content. Add interviews, event synopsis and article summary that makes your content of high priority.

23. Edit
Before publishing any content you should initiate one more process of proof reading. During the process you will find some editing work, some typos or grammatical mistakes ignoring this will lead to increase in bounce rate of users, question your credibility and this will think you are bluffing.

24. Issue
Make you post live with targeted keywords phrases. For image and videos add alt attribute tags for search engine visibility which helps to show respective image and video with possible keyword.

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Proven Techniques for lead generation – Redspark Technologies (Part - I )

Simple question, ask to your self as why you are in the business? Answer is getting profit. Another question is who to earn profit? By selling your product or service to customers, for this you need potential buyers for the same. Question arises how to generate business leads.

Following steps should be incorporated for getting successful business leads:
1. Mission, Vision, and Values
For any business one should know some basics or fundamentals. Question yourself why you are in the business? IF you don't have answer to these questions then your business might sink in mid of sea or might not even sail.

2. Deep search of your targeted audience, size of market and most competitors analysis
Know what is your specialty? Will it meet the requirements of your customers? Do you think you are in market? Can you hit big fish of market? Know your competitors? Do your product or service is having good demand?

3. Perspective

After step #3 you will come to know about your potential buyers & their requirements. After competitors research come up with the idea as how you are isolated from others.

4. Communique
Presentation is key thing. How do you represent against your buyers makes a big difference. You should use words that tempts buyers to buy your product or service. Know your competitors product and design your stuff accordingly, but don’t compare in negative sense. Mention what are good qualities of your stuff.

5. Visual Modules
Visual consistency. Visual effects have greater impact on visitors select best colors, styles and type accordingly so that users are not getting bored. Same this needs to be replicated to your offline stuffs like brochures, letterheads, social networking accounts, mass emailing and what every materials you are pushing out.

6. Deciding Features
Decide the scope of website. Which functionalities you want to include? What corrections are needed? What are the number of pages, its layout. Proactively decide these things.

7. Keyword Research
Keywords are important for generating leads. You must know with which possible keywords your potential buyers are browsing for you. Targeting those specific keyword for respective page is inevitable. Thorough keyword research is needed.

8. Site-map
Cluster of pages that determines the navigation for users as well as search engines. It shows all the information of web-pages. Saves all information for visitors and sequence of pages. It helps visitor to navigate on respective page this makes easy for visitor and might become a lead.

9. Wire-frames 
Wireframes acts like skeletal of website. Wireframes shows the structure of website moreover it has other functions also. Backbone for responsive website designing. Tool for how user experience but it affects search-friendliness.

10. Moodboards
Moodboards describes the style. Visual regulation are executed online at Moodboards. All visual stuff Colors, button styles, background management, are set for headers, links, and body text.

11. Designing
All the preparation comes to live by combining wire-frames and mood-boards. The visual prominence of the elements are balanced against each other, as usability and the brand come together.

12. Development
As designing is finalized it is converted into website pages by HTML & CSS programming. Next is back-end programming: integration, custom features, content management system and database development.

13. Browser Testing and Final Review 

Cross browser testing should be double checked and see if it works on mobile devices and desktop. Keeping in mind search engines pages should load fast and should be bug-free.

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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Things that make you web project under stress – Redspark Technologies

Before starting any thing you have to be prepared for each and every activity that is to be carried out. Lets take example of building a monument. One has to think so many things before building. Same way, before getting your website done one has to see the potential hindrances and come out of it. Have a look over the generic millstone.

1. Action before plan:

Any task before proper planning or organizing leads to failure. Don’t loose your sense and get excited, for starting a new project as soon as you sign it. Get organize according to proposal program and stick to it else you will miss the due date.

According to plan of action determine your goals for the website. Which process is executed is it according to plan of action? How would you measure the success level? Is the task working properly do you require any change in plan? One has to think for all these question and is something not working then this will harm your project.

2. More head leads to confusion:

There should be one point of contact for executing any project. More the number of people the longer the time to execute. As all people will give their opinion and unnecessary the project time will be stretched. Suggestions should be listened but the final decision has to be one. Too many booth spoil the food the same thing can happen practically also.

3. Misconception on customers:

Before starting any business, one has to know his targeted audience. Question will arise in your mind as what is the connection for designing a website and your customers? Website layout and contents gets messed because of lack of proper planning. Same is thing with web design and development without proper content and testing you cannot launch a website.

Everything has to be organized. Same thing is with the website content also content should be for website visitors or audience. This thing has to be kept in mind as the conversion ratio depends on the website content also.

4. Be ahead in communication:

One should be proactive in communication or discussion for any confusion. Inform your senior or manager for any query or doubt. Call immediate meeting and get the solution don’t wait for next meeting.

5. Eternal factors:

Delay in launch date. Many a times the common issue arises is non relevant web content. Instant solution is needed other wise the website will never launch.
In today's world no one likes static websites, it frequently changes. Make your site live, get the feedback and make the changes accordingly.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Follow Basic Guidelines for Responsive Web Design – Redspark Technologies

Increase in number of users that use smart phones, ipad and other devices has increased demand of responsive websites that is compatible to multi screens. Designing Responsive Website is confusing task for freshers or professional website designers. With the span of time users and demand of responsive website design is increasing tremendously. And the practice of it is moving fast. In fact the importance of this model modification has moved to base, from practice of table based layouts to CSS.
This article on Responsive web design will help and hold you to be with latest trends in website designing.

In simple way you can ask what is responsive design? Or what does happen with responsive website design?
Only computers are not the only device to that is having web browsers. Now smart phones also has web browser features and iPhone was the the leading in it & added interest in mobile devices. Many other mobile manufacturing companies also followed the iPhone and the came a new era of using mobile phones like computers.

This new revolution changed the expectations of users, now users expected to browse same as on desktop computers or laptops. In the consequence of this web designers started designing a mobile compatible website or mobile version of website.

This was not enough still more was waiting to come with new technologies apart from iPhone and personal computers, other devices like touchscreen tablets and notebook computers came across in seemed everywhere. Users not only love small screens. There are users who wish to have high-resolution screens displays. Professional website designers needs to think for those users too.

Responsive designing is not only targeting single device but all available devices having web browsers. Hence the different screen size resolution is becoming more popular and getting different variant of websites targeting each individual device is inevitable.

Changeable Grids:

Ignoring liquid layouts is not advisable for responsive design. Using Fluid grid is key element for responsive design. Today liquid layouts has became popular than fixed layouts that expands with the page size and then centered on the page.

Fluid grids go a few steps beyond the traditional liquid layout. Instead of designing a layout based on rigid pixels or arbitrary percentage values, a fluid grid is more carefully designed in terms of proportions. This way, when a layout is squeezed onto a tiny mobile device or stretched across a huge screen, all of the elements in the layout will re-size their widths in relation to one another.

Divide the target element by its content, and you will get proportion of each page element. To experiment this create high accuracy pixel based image editor mockup in Photoshop. Finally you can measure page element, divide with its full width of the page.

Fluid (changeable) grids are only thing that can make it possible for creating a responsive design. By narrowing the width of browser the design will start breaking down. If we take an example, a web page with three-column layout will is not going to work well on a small mobile phones. But, responsive web designs has solve the problem by using media queries.

Media Queries

CSS 3 media queries is the second thing that is necessary for responsive design. CSS3 is popular among all cross browsers. CSS3 media queries conditionally applies to CSS Styles and facilitates in collecting data about website visitors.

Practically you will manage the layout that matches every device width. Depending upon users using design, time and budget constraints, highly contextual situations and many more. Hence one should use his own mind when deciding what resolution to target. More resolution will cost more time, if you are not sure about resolution will charge more time.