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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

How web application development services helps for high website traffic?

It is said that the more traffic on website is equal to more money. Traffic is key thing that helps to increase ROI. Key things that are responsible for generating traffic are quality content & website design. The two factors play vital role in popularity and friendliness of website. Hence website designers should plan accordingly before they design a website. Any mishappenings will degrade the website.

Designing a website is crucial thing as it represents your business. In order to create an interactive professional looking website, one has to hire or outsource web designing experts. It is necessary to discuss & share your requirements, portion of website to be highlighted. Give details about the products or services you offer, targeted audience, geographical location of business etc. The website designers will assemble your requirements, resources & will input his efforts and skills to design an attractive website.

While designing a website designers & developers has to keep in mind about the navigation, user-friendliness, cross browser compatibility &responsive of website for multiple device browsing. Every user is not equally talented, make your website as simple as possible to avoid any misunderstanding that results into bounce rate.

Make sure about the loading time of the website. Users skip heavy websites that takes more loading time. A perfect website should load easily & quickly. With the advancement of technology avoid using components that are not search engine friendly that search engine robots cannot index the website. For example use Jquery instead of Flash. Avoid using Javascript, iframes etc.

There are companies that will find best possible keywords for your website. This feature is significant from search engines view point. As your website will be indexed with the perfect keyword that is best suitable for your industry. Keywords are the prime thing that a perfect search engine optimizer will give out your industry keywords. There are some fundamental that needs to be kept in mind about keywords like keyword proximity & prominence. Hence a website designing company must have a section that works for search engines. Keywords are embedded or tagged for images that helps in bringing the specific image on top position among search engines.

Make sure about using frameworks it is better to use these frameworks for intranet rather than internet. The redevelopment of website should be within stipulated time period.

Above listed are some of the features about website designing that can help for betterment in the website traffic. Before you move for website promotion make sure about the above points are they really solved in your website and move forward accordingly.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

How Wordpress benefits website designers & owners? - Redspark Technologies

Wordpress is highly popular content management systems platform. Wordpress website development, widely used bymost of website development companies. Moreover it is one of the well known blogging platform because of to easy to use features. Wordpress is based on PHP & My SQL.

Wordpress has covered more than 60 million websites till now. Approximately more than 100,000 websites are getting live daily. Wordpress is manage automatically & is considered as major digital publication means. Today most of users as well as web application designing companies prefer Wordpress.

  1. Frequent edits: Users love Wordpress as he doesn't need more technology savvy people for frequent updates. A normal user can update texts on real time. For more technical features one has to acquire advance knowledge or can forward the changes to professionals.
  2. Easy to use: It is easy to understand no need of having too many login details. Simple login with the credentials and start working.
  3. Themes: If a user is having knowledge of Wordpress. He can select the theme can install in few minutes no need to work on long process and wait for website designing professionals.
Website developers:

  1. Themes: Easy to develop theme and layouts. Wordpress website designers can easily integrate their own themes. User that wish to install ready to use themes by given by Wordpress can be easily installed.
  2. Plugins: Easily customizing plugins helps wordpress programmers to meet clients requirements. Installing these plugins will help website owner from search engines point of view also.
  3. Sharing options: Wordpress facilitates users by adding social media plugins which allows minimizes users efforts. Any updates made by user will automatically shared with installed social media plugins. The information can be shared at the same time without any extra efforts.
  4. Search engine friendly: Popular search engines loves wordpress, as it is easy to understand and user friendly. It has option of link management i.e. user can optimize urls according to search engine standards. Permanent link structure.
  5. Multiple categories: Wordpress helps to have option of adding two categories of a single blog entry. User can select multiple categories for single blog post. For e.g. is user posts a blog piece for website promotion then user can select the categories of SEO & SMO both.
  6. Ping: Every article posted to wordpress website is automatically pinged back to search engines that helps a lot in indexation of the blog piece. This helps search engine optimizers the website promotion professionals don’t have to separately ping for it.