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Friday, 11 April 2014

How professional Website designing companies select colors – Redspark Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Being a website designer is not an easy task. Designing a website needs to be creative and should have knowledge of color combination. First impression is last impression imply to even websites also. Even though your website is having good content but if the website look is not user friendly then its difficult to bring him again. Only creating a website is not just sufficient a website should leave long lasting impression on visitors mind so that user visits the website frequently and suggests the website to his friends.

You website content should be above fold means all your important content should appear without scrolling of the web page. If your visitor gets impressed by color combination then most of work is done. Other thing depends on content and offers made. This phase of website designing is most important for website owners as well as webs designers and invests more time.

Website designers has to select best color that suits specific industry, owner must like it and most important will users love to be on the website? All this is is hectic stuff. Generally all browsers have limitations of 256 colors out of that only 216 colors stands common between browsers. Out of this 216 colors any unique color or color combination appears on web page then it will resemble default color. Due to this misshapen it will disturb look of the website.

Selecting best color for a website is more important. According to latest trends of search engines it want user to get satisfactory answer from browsed website and search engine. Hence user should not get bored of the color combination. One should not use too bright or light colors as it straight away affects visitors eyes. Medically speaking the backside of human eye consists thing layer of tissue that gets stressed out. And results to tired and stress out and loose the interest in website and results to increase in bounce rate.

Studies reveal that while finalizing color combination one has to keep in mind that red and pure yellow color gives stress to eyes than any other color. Hence one has to keep in mind, minimum use of it is advisable to grab attention of visitors and retain them. Excessive use of both the color is not advisable as it will give more strain to users there chances that user might leave the website, results into high bounce rate. It is recommended to use it wisely to get attention of users.

Theme of website plays important role in deciding web designing. Freelance web designer or Professional website designing companies study the industry or business before they start designing a website. Try to avoid excessive use of Red and Pure Yellow colors. It is mandatory to use Red color for hospital or Blood Bank Organization also the “Red Cross” symbolizes Red Color.

Be conscious while creating website logo it should be in contrast of website design. Color combination should be perfect and should look impressive. Make sure the color of logo. As logo is going to be used in externally also like print media, brochures or letterheads. Large-grained colors might become weak at the time of printing. Make sure the graphics used in website looks good and has the same feel while user lands on the web page else it will loose interest.

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